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Heart of Terror Novel Excerpt

     Was there cause for concern?  When U.S. Customs officials handcuff and haul you into a cubicle with a window that reflects your image, certainly your ire begins to increase.  Being an English teacher I understand gerunds and transitive verbs, but U.S. Customs' officials, the CIA or whoever had locked me in this little room were beyond my realm of experience.  Perhaps, some paranoid grandma returning from Europe had overheard me speaking about working in Saudi Arabia and done her civic duty by informing on the suspected terrorist planning to wreak havoc on American society by releasing numerous dangling participles on trusting citizens.  I really didn't know.  I was stumped.

     Sure, I had taught Arabs of different stripes, mostly Saudis, but I was a teacher.  That's what instructors in Saudi Arabia do.  Sure, I had played volleyball with Arabs late at night out in the desert on the outskirts of Riyadh.  But nobody in their right mind would want to do anything in hundred plus temperature during the day.  Sure, I had eaten dinner our after class with Saudi students while listening to constant harangues as to the why the U.S. is so bad because it supports Israel.  But what else is there to do except enjoy legendary Arab hospitality in a country where even The Muppets are banned because Miss Piggy is a main character... 


The preceding is an excerpt from the Christian thriller entitled Heart of Terror.  One reviewer called the book "a well-written, engaging novel".  The Midwest Book Review said: "Heart of Terror is an exciting twist of faith and thriller, a very much recommended reading."  

Unfortunately, the publisher went out of business.  To purchase the novel, send $12.00 to Craig Dressler, P. O. Box 381, College Place, WA  99324

The Author's True Life Experiences

Craig Dressler, the author, taught and lived in Saudi Arabia for five years.  Many of the cross-cultural experiences related in the novel are true or actually happened.  The espionage parts, though, are fictitious.





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